Look at what I can do: I was Tracking storms and I found this interesting shape, out at sea. This storm is showing-off.


A Napkins Life: Yes, napkins are supposed to be on your lap but when you bring them out in the light, they can show us they are more than just a piece of cotton

Cheesecake Factory, Newport Beach

cloud-barrelReach for the sky: Some people look at the clouds and see all kinds of things, even clouds that look like small kitty’s. Me, I sea things from a different view.

Rancho Santana, Nicaragua

egg-barrelMost Eggcellent: About to consume my last few bites of protein for the morn and felt something special just happened.

My Kitchen

IMG_2904Hidden Treasures: Flipped open my glove department and what did I see, a left-hander looking at me. Coffee anyone?

tasty bacon barrel


RILEYS-WAVE-ART 2Good Ol’ Ceramics Class: My Girl Knows What’s On Dad’s Mind

 ethan allen barrelThis paint showed it’s true beauty-The wall at Ethan Allen Furniture

Pasadena, California

Ice tubeIcy Cold Barrel-Always Aim For The Light

tree bark barrelTrees serve many purposes in life and if you look close enough, you’ll see they create their own works of art.

Australian Paperbark-Sierra Madre, California


Towel TubeDon’t Throw In The Towel Just Yet! This One Has Something Special About It.

 Bush tube 2How Many Surfers Do You Think Stood Underneath This Bushy Barrel?

Baskin-Robbins Newest Flavor-Tubalicious


Holloween BarrelHalloween Day, refueling at Starbucks and looked over and saw Big Frank pulling into a monster. Meanwhile, his buddy which is on top of the lip, is in for a treat, hopefully, he has a trick on how to get out of this one.


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