Sean McCoy-Owner McCoy Surf Designs

ULTRA SPICE IN ACTION new“I began competing as an amateur surfer at the age of 14 and followed my dream of being a professional surfer in Hawaii. I was able to become one of Hawaii’s top ranked long board surfers and was ranked 10th in the world. Even while I was competing I enjoyed teaching and coaching others.”

Surfing Qualifications:

  • Competitive surfer since the age of 14
  • Turned Pro at age 21
  • Qualified as a top Hawaiian Long Boarder for the World Championships
  • Ranked 10th on the world tour

Coaching and Training:

  • SoCal High School Mountain Bike State Champion– Cody Phillips
  • California Mountain Bike State Champion–Hannah Eckvahl
  • 2017 National Downhill Champion, Mens Expert 18 & under Southridge USA Downhill and Super D Champion–Bruce Klein
  • Junior Cross Country Mountain Bike National Champion–Nathan Hickey


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