I have been blessed through the years to ride for some of the best surfboard builders in the world. Their passion for shaping and their love for surfing has motivated me to create my own works of art.

I wanted to thank you for all the wisdom you have passed on to me and for taking the time to explain what really makes surfboards fun to ride.


Ernie Tanaka   Tommy Tanaka   Randy Rarick   Ben Aipa   Greg Pautsch   Cordell Miller   Kaz Kubota   Carl Schaper   Robert Weiner   Ludwig  Ray Promer

Black & White: Some colors, just go well with each other. Are those black lines put there to hide some secret design? Perhaps.

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ashot-1Our newest creation is in the testing phase and it’s showing some promising signs so far. Stay tuned for the release

ultra spice 3000 Endless SummerSummer never ends

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The Nine in Lambo Orange

Everything you want in a Supercharged Long Board; speed, maneuverability and room for those ten toes. The Nine is loaded with stealthy design technologies for those of you who like to get spicy at times and for the nostalgic who like to keep it under red line.

Price $700

The Ultra Spice 3000, is the latest creation to come out of our LAB. It is designed to handle waves from 2′ to 8′ and is equipped with all the latest design advancements.

ultra spice 3000 pineappleThis Ultra Spice 3000 gets a little extra foam added to its physique. A flatter entry rocker, wider nose and a 15″ tail width guarantees it will catch anything.

Moda Bella multi

Faster than Italian Ice melting on a hot Sicilian day. Double the volume, doulbe the fun. Ciao Bella!


The Ultra Spice 3000 Square

Built for speed and ready to work the pocket – A flatter and fuller nose was added to increase paddling performance and an amble amount of concave runs through the front that transitions into a double through the fins.


The V2 is spawned from it’s earliest predecessor the V1. The V2 is equipped with all the latest innovations in design and fin technology. Known for it’s small wave prowess, it fancies the occasional stealth bomb sets, if the pilot is up for the task. This is one weapon Tony Stark would love to get his hands on.

V2-5’x10″ 19″ 2 3/8″

LeviathanOut of the misty sea comes a line-ups worst enemy named, “Leviathan”. Standing at an impressive 7′ -21 1/2″ wide, The Leviathan has voracious appetite for waves and can out paddle anything in the sea. Yes, the legend is true, it can only be controlled by its Creator. Leviathan-7′ x 21 1/2″ x 2 5/16″

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Short boards $550

Guns $625

Longboards $600

SUP $800

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