There is no more effective way to learn to surf than by having the undivided attention of a professional instructor to guide you through the pitfalls and get you up and riding your own waves.

Learn to turn, read and select waves and paddle out through the break. Get tips, only the pros know.

  • Time the waves
  • The “quickest & easiest ” method to pop up to your feet
  • Surfing etiquette
  • Read the conditions
  • Stay safe and have fun

Surf lessons are available on the weekends and are available all year long. Times are limited, so try to book in advance.

So, whether you are looking to just learn the basics of surfing or you have the passion for competing, we can accommodate your needs and help you reach your goals.

Surf lessons are 2 hours long and includes a surfboard.

Surf Lessons

Per Lesson

Advance Surf Lessons

Per Person

Supervised Surf Sessions

Per Person

1 Surfer Ages 3 and up Ages 3 and up
$120 One Lesson $75 One Session $50

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